5 steps to build confidence

5 steps to build confidence

Confidence is the strong belief and trust, in levels that human beings contains in their mind. Some strong feelings like own abilities, opinions and your manner of work describes the confidence. And it is something like a person is totally sure about the course of action that he is going to do. In this challenging world everyone need a high level of self confidence to attain the circumstances. The trick to building confidence in ourselves is how we view ourselves.

So there are various types of ways to build self confidence & esteem.

1- Do one thing that scares you every single day.
Always remember one thing “what the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve” – by Napoleon hill.
It works like fuel for engine. When we ignore some works or activity then our self esteem gets lower so, when we start doing what we hate or ignore. Nobody is born with high level of confidence. If someone seems to have a high level of confidence then he/she worked on it very hardly.

2- Don’t worry after listening taunts
In these days some people’s are so rude and weird that they are always engaged in finding out the reason to deliver a taunt for you. But, make sure that you’re doing anything good for your career building process. And if you’re doing good and right thing then don’t degrade yourself. You just have to prove them wrong. And please don’t never ever criticize yourself.

3- Dress smart
Whenever you go out first ensure one thing that how you’re looking, because dress sense always matters in real life. Dressing is something like how you’re representing yourself to the world. If you will going to wear matching pair of clothes, shoes and sunglasses then you will get the best outcome. You will feel good when you look good and, always take a good haircut which matches on your face.

4- Don’t forget to take care of yourself
Basically, self confidence is the mixture of good physique, mental health and emotional health. If you have good physique then make yourself fit. If you are a skinny or fat type guy then there is no need to worry about it, just add little bit exercise in your daily routine. And be consistent in that routine. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t have good physique. This state of mind will make your energy lower.

5- Body language
Body language is a non verbal communication where are our standing, sitting facial expression, body postures and eye gestures reveals about ourselves. Confidence is little bit depends upon your body language make sure when you’re in meeting, with new friend or facing an interviewer you should have to sit or stand straight. And when you’re talking don’t fold up your hands and head should be up. When we feel bad about ourselves then we get worry and it effects our mental health and physical too.

Above all those things there is one most important thing to remember.
You have to trust yourself, believe yourself. Before doing any work you have to tell yourselves that yes i can do this no matter what. Everything is based on self belief so, don’t lose self belief.

6 ways to impress a girl

If you want to impress a girl or if you want to maker her fall in love with you the make yourself more aspirant towards her. And you have to insert a confidence in massive amount. Keep one thing in your mind always that don’t pose as someone else because usually girls don’t like this type of activity.

1- Always be polite and humble
If you want to show something in front of a girl then show your way of talking and treating to others. Deliver your statements very politely it will paste good impression on girl’s mind.
And the biggest trait of being polite and humble not girls only going to appreciate you rather all of the human beings will appreciate you.

2- Dress well and be groomed

This is the uniquely attracting factor for you because if you wear good clothes, watch and shoes. Then you will gonna look good and dashing. And there are a bundle of girls who loves good dress sense thoroughly you should use to wear matching clothes. And don’t forget to wear perfume and deodorants in your body. Because oftentimes girl get attracted the fragrance we have. And put mouth fresh spray in your mouth.

3- Don’t pretend to be someone else

Be yourself don’t ever try to be someone else because in most of the cases girls don’t used to like those boys who pretended to be someone else. Just freely unpack yourselves to that girl and the world and show them what you are really. We all have different traits and couple of trail with our personalities. So, show the best traits of yourself because every girl possesses the best traits in boys first. Don’t pretend to be someone else because in eventually you will gonna crash and burn.

4- Compliment her
When you meet a girl for the first time then sincerely you have to deliver the cute compliments just hey your hair is looking great, you’re looking gorgeous. Make sure that you have to compliment about her intelligence and sense of humour. You can say like hey i admire the profession you’ve chosen.

5- Make her laugh
Because girls like funny guys most but make sure that don’t be a joker or more funnier. And after that you will get happy while seeing her happy. Deliver some funny jokes. And when the things going awkward then make the moment funnier.

6- Create stimulating conversation

Always be engaged in the conversation show her that you are really interested in her. Always be in the process of creating conversations try to make conversations more interesting. Make sure that when you’re talking with a girl your heart and mind is should to be clean from core. Your communication should be better not only for one rather for all girls. Because girls always notice that how you treat others.

One opinion from my side to you guys make ensure that your heart and mind is clean. Insert cleanliness in your body physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Make her realize that you don’t giving any shit just to impress her and this aspect is gonna much impressive about yourself. Don’t use to deliver about your qualities let it come naturally. Be self disciplined in the conversation it portrays that you are sincere.

Meaning of one sided love

One sided love is when the beloved one won’t understand the feelings of the person who loved them and they got disinterested in the matter and consciously reject them. Basically the one sided love is when a boy/girl addresses the person they love and reveal their feelings in their way and got rejected but they still love them with those broken pieces of their heart. In this love, one sided lovers evolve their strong romantic affection in massive amount. Most of the one sided lovers are very affectionate to their beloved without thinking about consequences. Hopelessly they are ready to sacrifice their happiness for them without caring anything, foolishly completely they fell for their beloved one’s. And somehow they couldn’t fill that awkward space from their life. Where their beloved one’s recklessly exploring happiness in the world where their one sided lover considered them as their happiness. There one single smile of their beloved one’s can change the whole mood in seconds. They shower love every single day without having any anxiety and disquietness and their determination towards to them is never changing process.

It is one of the most painful thing while you thinking about them and this fact makes you sadder. And realizing that they might never love us again. When one sided lover use to think whether they’ll gonna loves us or not it shattered their dreams. It is unexplainable pain for them. They might look glad from the face with the smile they carried but from inside they are completely broken. One sided love is painful it is an undeniable fact.

Jealousy :
It is the most crucial fact of one sided love, and probably i use to think that without jealousy there is no love exist in this entire world, somehow jealous exists intrinsically. Concluded factors in one sided love are jealousy, pain, anxiety and disquietness. Because anxiety and pain causes through an unfortunate truth. Basically the jealousy is the thoughts of insecurities, and concern. Our life will go very smoothly without jealousy so the matter is how we use this feeling for our level of satisfaction. If we use this feeling too much then this would be destructive effect for our mental health. In my opinion one sided love has a purity in it. Altogether jealousy is a painful emotional experience and one sided lovers likely feels this most.

Seeing with someone else-
It is most painful factor for one sided lovers from internally it is devastating them, especially when they are true to their selves. When we are too concerned for some one and we see with someone else then it can be damage our behavior. And it reduces the self confidence. In this type of situation these people’s are begging for to get the attention they want them to be attentive to themselves. For one sided lovers love is a profound emotion that is growing day by day it something like fuel for fire. They nurture their emotions for them and always want to shower on them but they haven’t any single idea about it.
After acknowledging the sources i feel that one sided love literally pure, divine and true it is really undeniable fact. Most of the one sided lovers were been every step of the way of their beloved one’s recklessly and hopelessly. But it hurts when we don’t get the person whom we ant for the rest of our life. May be one day they will realise and perhaps they come back.

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